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Virus & Spyware Removal


Virus & Spyware Removal and Cleaning

 If you feel you have accidentally installed or have been infected by a virus discontinue the use of the computer immediately.  Shut the computer down and give us a call.  The sooner we can get to the computer the better.

In many cases we can remove the virus and recover your computer without the need to be in front of it.  We can remote the computer and get you back online and virus free quickly.  In the cases where the computer has been completely inundated with viruses and the internet no longer works we will need to work on the computer directly.  You can either bring it to our office in Massapequa or we can schedule an appointment to have a tech come to you.


Some of our services include:

  • Free consultation and assessment

  • Virus, Spyware and Malware removal

  • Free or paid antivirus installation or update

  • PC cleanup service once the computer has been recovered.

Please inquire about our home or small business service plans.  These plans are economical solutions keep your computer or network running 24/7 without any downtime.


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