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Operating System Install

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Operating System Install Or Upgrade


As of April 8th 2014 Windows XP is not longer support by Microsoft.  What does that mean for you?  It means your operating system is not going to get the security updates it needs to combat new viruses and security holes developed to destroy or steal your information.  For medical businesses it means you are no longer HIPPA compliant.  Upgrading to a more modern operating system is necessary to keep your business and your computer secure.


Your operating system is the backbone of your computer.  Upgrading it can be difficult and disastrous if you don’t know what your doing.  We are experts in the field and will assure you the transition will be trouble free.   Don’t risk losing your data by trying to upgrading on your own.   Leave it to a professional.


Some services include:


  • Free consultation on the upgrade and its requirements

  • Backup of all existing data

  • Install of the new operating system of your choice

  • Installation of all security updates and patches

  • Restore all your data to your new system

  • Perform a full functionality test for errors


Call us to discuss or schedule an appointment for a free consultation at out Massapequa office.

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